Zeus Restaurant | Restaurant with typical cuisine of Campania | Pizzeria with wood oven

Camping Zeus


The Zeus Restaurant is the fascinating environment wrapped in an ancient atmosphere rich of history. The service ,which personally taken care of the owners, characterized by their kindness and genuine traditional dishes.
For lovers of traditional cuisine and "our local" we have kept the menu simple and traditional, the ones that have always characterized the culinary culture of these areas. We propose to our guests specialty dishes from Campania, with a menu based on fish and meat, the great specialty of the restaurant is strictly in the famous pizza oven. The restaurant has a large dining room and a terrace with a total capacity of 200 seats, offers ample parking close to bus and car .

Terrace  Ristorante Zeus

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Ticket online

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Camping Zeus Headquarters: Villa dei Misteri - Pompei [NA] - Italy P.IVA 0574 756 12 14
Phone: +39 081.861.53.20 - Fax: +39 081.861.75.36 - E-mail: